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It is our mission to provide the highest possible quality compounded medicine

Your Local Professional Compounding Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Atara Cannabis Dispensary, part of Atara Compounding Pharmacy, was created to provide patients access to education, knowledge and medicinal cannabis products both custom compounded and ready-made.

A leading provider of compounded products for over a decade, our focus on combining the best of both traditional and alternative health treatments flows naturally to the emerging use of plant-based medicine to help those who have struggled with chronic health problems.
A doctor can assess your suitability and offer fully customised and specialised treatments according to your needs. Those who might benefit from medical cannabis are patients with unresolved chronic health conditions.

If you are looking to try medical cannabis products, we recommend you speak with our health professionals for more information.

Whatever your requirements we will provide you with information about unique treatment options and therapies.

Compounded medicines play an important role in servicing patient needs not met by big pharma. Compounded products can be prescribed for individual patients according to their specific needs, including allergies and swallowing issues.

Medicinal cannabis products can be compounded in a wide range of dose forms including sublingual oils, troches, capsules, creams, and others. The benefits of this with medicinal cannabis is that both the strength and ratio of various active components can be individualised according to the needs of the patient, even down to the choice of flavour.

Close collaboration between prescriber, patient and compounder is pivotal in improving treatment outcomes with medicinal cannabis.


Medical Cannabis Dispensary & Compounding Educational Blogs

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Driving & Medicinal Cannabis

Whether you can drive while taking medicinal cannabis is an important and commonly asked question. Put simply, it is illegal throughout Australia to drive with any THC detected in your system, whether it is taken as a prescribed medicine or not.

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