PharmD, PhD in Clinical Pharmacy

Ghazal is a dedicated consulting pharmacist with a passion for developing personalized treatment plans that address a wide range of medical conditions. She began her career in pharmacy as a clinical pharmacist specializing in critical care, with a particular focus on pain management. Her commitment to patient care, combined with over twenty years of experience across various pharmacy settings—including research and academia, hospitals, and community pharmacies—has provided her with extensive professional expertise.

After years of being in clinical pharmacy and research, she discovered her true desire for compounding and found great satisfaction in providing alternative treatments for patients who do not respond to traditional forms of treatment.

As an accredited consulting pharmacist, Ghazal continually enhances her knowledge by attending seminars, reading articles, and engaging in ongoing research. Her approach blends the latest in medical advancements with a compassionate understanding of each patient’s unique needs.

Beyond her professional life, Ghazal treasures family time, often spent traveling, exploring different cultures, camping, and hiking. She enjoys watching movies, reading books, and participating in charity activities.


Elise is a dedicated and caring pharmacist who has experience in various areas of community pharmacy. Early in her career, she spent a couple of

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