Our Pharmacy

modern technology... traditional values...

Blending modern technology with traditional values, our philosophy is centred upon integrating the best of eastern and traditional health and well- being methods with western scientific advancements.

We source ethical and natural products which do not skimp on quality and can provide allergy free and vegan options. We believe in supporting Australian businesses wherever possible.

We feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to use integrative medicine, pharmaceutical knowledge and compounding to support and empower our patients both in prevention of illness and maintenance of health.

Compounding chemist

ATARA Compounding Pharmacy laboratories are operated under strict quality control measures. Our laboratory is well equipped with the most advance equipment that allows for a comprehensive service, in line with USP 795 – Pharmaceutical Non-Sterile .

ATARA Compounding Pharmacy is also a member of Professional Compounding Chemists of Australia (PCCA) . We are proud to be amongst the first compounding pharmacies in Australia to achieve the PCCA tick of approval for meeting the PCCA accreditation standards. Membership also gives us access to an extensive medical professional database and formulary.

All of our raw materials are of a pharmaceutical grade which have gone through stringent batch testing, and are therefore certified to be of the highest and correct purity and strength required for compounding. All raw ingredients are accompanied with certificates of analysis verifying product integrity.

Our compounds are regularly sent for testing to independent labs to validate for quality, potency stability and consistency of products compounded by our facility.. With these measures in place we continually refine our formulations to develop high quality products as well as offer assurance to Doctors and patients alike.

ATARA Compounding pharmacy